Andreas Vuissa

Qualifications and experience

  • Accredited Music Therapist: SFMT (Swiss Association of Music Therapy) Zurich and ÖBM (Austrian Association of Music Therapists) Vienna
  • Master of Advanced Studies in Clinical Music Therapy; Zurich University of the Arts
  • 20 years of professional experience in training, therapeutic and counselling settings, with more than seven years in rehabilitation clinics (cardiology, psychosomatic illnesses, neurology, geriatrics, oncology), in social education work and as a self-employed music therapist
  • 12 years of management experience
  • Professional development in systemic counselling, mindfulness training, progressive muscle relaxation, Feldenkrais and many other techniques
  • Seminar leader and coach for corporate managers and staff

Mission statement

Based on trust and respect, I accompany individuals and support them in recognising and developing their potential, discovering their self-healing powers and advancing toward their individual sense of purpose. This improves their resilience, empowering them to cope with the challenges they face in their professional and private lives. The results and the sense of self-empowerment are based on scientific methodology. The diversity of music allows clients to find a sense of purpose through the senses.