Olivier Nicolas, HO System Safety, Airworthiness Technical Directorate

„The slowing down seminar reveals your ability to unwind and remain efficient. Taking care of you and at the same time being focussed and connected to others, that is the musical journey proposed by Andreas, our Klinisher Musiktherapeut”


Aline Garrot, ESC Single Aisle and Customer Services Program Integrator

„The slowing down seminar is a great musical journey in a relaxing world - a world where I was connected to myself and the others, without having lost my energy.
I have realised that slowing down, taking care of myself in a stressful environment like Airbus is vital. Thanks Andreas !”

Helmut Schöpf, Head of Human Resource Development at Gebrüder Weiss regarding workshops and seminars

Participants of Andreas Vuissas’ workshops and seminars were fascinated by sound experiences and foreign musical instruments. Uncommon sounds, sound patterns never heard of and unknown melodies initiated by these instruments from all over the world provoke new insights, peace of mind, fun and distraction. To improvise and make music together is also for people, who never learned to play an instrument, an unforgettable experience and creates moreover a new sense of group feeling.

Stephanie Henrion, Corporate Internal Communication Manager at Airbus regarding seminars

„I feel very lucky I could participate to this seminar and I can already feel every day of what I’ve learnt and became aware of...
Very very powerful experience!”

Gerhard Klocker, Organization Consultant regarding workshops and seminars

The sound experience workshop was a very special experience. From exploring new sounds and instruments to collectively experiencing: How does the group resonate to my sound?! Time to pause, to exchange within the group through sound and music and to experience how something new emerges: highly stimulating, inspiring and most agreeable.

Siegfried Cordt, Management Director regarding Music Therapie

Due to stationary rehabilitation measures in a swiss rehabilitation clinic I had the opportunity to participate in a music therapy and sound therapy group led by Andreas Vuissa.
These therapeutical measures broadened my awareness and perspective substantially. Beneath professional stress there are definitevely other qualities of life to sensitize and strengthen the inner balance.

Dagmar Breuer, Academic Mental Coach regarding Seminar Cooperation

Together with Andreas Vuissa and his special access to people through sounds and rhythms it has been possible to create an extraordinary workshop. This has showed impressively, that musictherapeutical elements can be used effectively as preventional measure in the context of company seminars. The cooperation with Andreas is easy and above all exciting. Our success has proven us.

Barbara Österle, Media Expert regarding Sound Meditation

The sound meditation led by Andreas Vuissa was a completely new experience for me. Carried by the sounds of the monochord and Andreas’ professional guidance and inspiring voice I was able to relax in a deep sense. A wonderful meditation for deep relaxation.

Yana Galante, English and Russian language teacher

Both my mother and I enjoyed Andreas’s Klangmeditation, with which we started our Saturday morning program. It was a very suitable and good start. With his music and instructions we were able to deeply relax and go inside. I wished it could go for another hour or two.
Andreas is very sensitive to people’s feelings and needs. He treated us with much warmth and respect. If there is another event in the future where he is “in charge,” we will be delighted to participate!