• One-day seminar

    Corporate environments are highly competitive, exposing staff and managers to enormous challenges. Individuals themselves with their specific resources, potentials and needs are often neglected. The one-day seminar enables sustainable stress relief, enhances resilience and strengthens self-healing powers.

    On request, I am happy to put together seminars tailored to your company.

  • Seminar package

    Escape from the vicious circle of increasing demand and exhaustion.
    In the course of two and a half days, participants will be made familiar with new approaches to slowing down, self-awareness and self-empowerment.
    The contents of the seminar package facilitate sustainable stress relief, promote the ability to relax, increase resilience, strengthen individual resources and support self-healing powers.
    The package is aimed at staff and managers exposed to highly demanding environments.

    On request, I am happy to put together seminars tailored to your company.

  • Participation in workshops

    I am available as a guest trainer. My input opens up new perspectives and enables relaxation.

    Contact me if you are interested in input tailored to your seminar.


AIRBUS / AISA Well Being Society
“Slowing down in eventful times“ – a three-day seminar for Airbus managers
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Bregenz – Vandans/Austria
Burnout prevention seminars for managers and staff

Seminars for managers and staff on burnout prevention and mindfulness training