Open your senses and find sense of purpose

Welcome to the website of Andreas Vuissa. I am a music therapist, seminar leader and coach.

For thousands of years, music therapy has been a proven and gentle method of healing, using the powers of a multitude of easy-to-play musical instruments. Clients may quietly listen or actively improvise. Music touches humans on an emotional as well as a mental level. It allows us to become aware of our own emotions, to work on and process them. Music is effective, whenever intellect and language reach their limits and get in the way of intuition.

Using a multitude of methods, music therapy accesses the non-verbal sphere of experiences and relations, needs and resources. It activates vital self-healing powers and strengthens resilience. It opens up ways to self-empowerment and facilitates a sense of purpose – via our senses.

Scientific research, such as neurobiological studies, has proven music therapy to be effective. It is based on experiences and research in psychology.

In my therapy, I combine music with individually tailored exercises aimed at relaxation and physical revitalisation; the physical aspects are of vital importance. I believe that it is important to provide impetus for situations in everyday life.

It is important to know that no previous knowledge of music is required. Lack of knowledge may even be an advantage.